Round dog bed with reversible cushion

Round dog bed with reversible cushion

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Round dog bed with reversible cushion

Why we love this versatile little bed

  • Diameter of 60cm (approx. 24″ inches) is ideal for small to medium sized pups
  • Made from ultra light cellulose fibre material with real leather accessories
  • Outside bed, cushion cover and inner anti-parasitic cushion are all machine washable at 30 degrees

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Round dog bed with reversible cushion

Brand new in our shop, this cute and very cool round dog bed with reversible cushion bed gets a lot of attention! It is made from cellulose fibre which makes this bed ultra light and easy to take with you on a journey.

This sweet round dog bed makes a beautiful centrepiece for any home that your dog as well as your guests will admire. Whether placed in the centre of your lounge or tucked away in a quieter corner, its stylish shape and natural materials will add to any minimalist home decor. The natural fibre outside frame gives it a casual and rather cool look.

The reversible cushion invites your dog to cuddle right into it. During colder days, choose the Boucle wool side with its airy and super soft fibres. When it gets warmer, the slightly more cooling canvas surface will make it a place of heavenly sleep. The bed isn’t too large and measures 60cm in diameter. This makes it ideal for small to medium sized dogs.

The round dog bed with reversible cushion comes in three unique and muted natural colours. While the black and grey version have a more Scandinavian design feel to them, the light brown colourway is a very natural look that will enhance any minimal home and interior design. All parts of the bed can be machine washed on a cold cycle and the cushion is filled with anti-parasitic material that does not loose its structure and shape, to ensure that you have a long lasting dog bed for your home.

Why you should invest in a good dog bed

Many new dog parents wonder which products are important for their new dog. Besides the staples like food, bowls, collar and lead, we also recommend a good dog bed. We do this, because we consider dog beds to be an essential necessity for your pet. Independent of size, breed or age. Benefits of a good dog bed are:

  • They keep your dog off the cold and often drafty floor and leave the sofa for you and your human friends. Especially in winter, a dog bed with nesting walls provides warmth for comfort and health
  • The familiar smell of the bed will calm your dog, give him a safe retreat and make him feel secure
  • Especially older dogs, or those with arthritis welcome a soft place that also supports their joints
  • In particular long-haired breeds can shed around the house. A dog bed will contain most of the hair to this one location
  • Dog beds provide dogs with an easier access to their sleeping pad in comparison to a space on a couch or the bed.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the dog beds we stock. We are here to help.
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