Waxed tartan waterproof dog jacket BROOKLYN

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Tartan waterproof dog jacket Brooklyn

This elegant tartan coloured and waterproof dog jacket has your dog covered in cold and rainy weather.

With a contrasting, warm wool lining and a waterproof outer, the jacket will retain your dog’s body heat and keep out the rain. The simple velcro fastener allows you to put the jacket on quickly.

The Brooklyn is available in 11 sizes and the practical zip opening allows to fit a harness underneath. An additional elastic band can be used to adjust the coat. It can be washed in the machine to keen it nice and clean.

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Tartan waterproof dog jacket Brooklyn

Dog coats like this tartan waterproof dog jacket are ideal if your dog tends to easily freeze in the cold. Especially small breeds and those dog breeds with thin undercoats can benefit from a warm and cosy jacket as the temperatures drop. Also older dogs and those with joint problems or rheumatism will like the additional warmth of a dog coat.

This waxed tartan waterproof dog jacket has your dog covered. The warm inner lining retains the body warmth while the waterproof outer fabric keeps out the wet. The elongated jacket will not only keep your dogs back and chest warm but will also ensure that the neck stays nicely warm. The simple velcro fastener allows you to put the jacket on quickly.

To ensure a snug fit, the Brooklyn is available in 11 sizes. Please measure your dog and chose them from the dropdown menu below. A small zip opening allows to fit a harness underneath and an elastic band allows to adjust the coat.

Materials of the waxed tartan waterproof dog jacket

  • The outer material is made from waxed cotton
  • The inner material is made from a viscose and polyester mix fabric

You can simply wash the tartan waterproof dog jacket in your washing machine. Use a gentle cycle and wash on 30 degrees.

How to measure your dogs’ coat size

Measurements you will need to take for dog jackets are generally taken around the chest and alongside the back of the dog.

Measure your dog’s chest at its widest circumference. Ensure he’s relaxed and breathes normally when you do so. Allow for additional 2 fingers wide space between the coat and your dogs’ skin. You want a snug fit but nothing too tight to interfere with their breathing.

Do dogs need clothes in winter?

Dog sweaters, jackets or coats can be helpful in cold weather. Especially when your dog’s own fur coat might not be enough. Short haired and small breeds like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds well as younger or older dogs can benefit from a coat to retain their body warmth and keep out the wet. On the other hand, larger dogs and those with dense coats might not require additional insulation at all. Extreme examples are Huskies or Malamutes, whose fur is perfectly suited to cold temperatures and who might overheat when wearing additional layers. Please ask your vet when you’re unsure.

Also, ensure that your dog coats do not contain any parts that can be chewed off and swallowed like buttons or hooks.


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