Teal & beige waterproof dog collar

Teal & beige waterproof dog collar

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Teal & beige waterproof dog collar

This beautiful teal and beige dog collar is a bright new addition to Make them Roar and made for style and environmentally conscious dogs and their owners. The vegan dog collar is made with a coated webbing and is therefore water as well as stink-proof. All bright collars in the series are complemented by white powder coated hardware which give the collar its unique look.

  • Handmade in England
  • Select your collar from 2 sizes for a perfect fit
  • White powder-coated buckle and D-ring
  • Durable, waterproof and stink-proof
  • Biothane coated webbing

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Teal & beige waterproof dog collar

This colourful collection of collars is handmade in the UK from easily weldable biothane which is given a minimal design finish. Biothane is a vegan material with a polyester webbing at its core that is covered with a TPU or PVC coating. This makes the material more durable, waterproof, and also stink-proof, which makes it a highly suitable material for collars and leads. It is very easy to clean using warm water and soap.

Measurements of the teal & beige waterproof dog collar

  • Medium size length 34cm – 40cm | width 1.6cm
  • Small size length 28cm -32cm | width 1.2cm


Powder coated hardware

Powder coating is a way of coating metal. It comes with a series of benefits, most notably the fact that is more environmentally friendly compared to conventional liquid paint, because the powder coating doesn’t require a solvent. It is also extremely durable, and allows for a wide range of colours. We love the white hardware that accompanies the collars and work very well against the colourful biothane.


Please measure your dog before you order. Here is how

Wrap a soft tape measure or a piece of string around your dog’s neck. Allow room to fit 2 fingers widths between the tape and the skin easily. While the collar should not be able to slip over the head, please ensure that your dog has plenty of room for comfortable movement.

Jot down the measurement, which will be an indication to which size you will require to purchase. Alternatively, use your old collar if it fits well, and take the measurement from there. When manually adjusting your dog collar, then please ensure that it is neither too lose nor too tight. Always allow a minimum space of about 2 fingers width between your dog’s neck and the collar.


Delivery: This collar ships from the UK

E12 collar size

Medium 34cm – 40cm | width 1.6cm, Small 28cm -32cm | width 1.2cm


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