The Dachshund T-shirt

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Dachshund gift

If you love sausage dogs and a classic white tee, this Dachshund gift is for you.

  • Classic white tee, 100% cotton, with delicate embroidery that brings texture to the design
  • Design embroidered with one continuous line of thread
  • Embroidery available in black – but please let us know if you’re keen on another colour
  • Available in 5 sizes, please select from the drop-down

Go on and Make them Roar

The Dachshund gift

This elegant sausage dog t-shirt makes a simple and stylish addition to your wardrobe. It’s also the perfect gift for sausage dog lovers. We believe that nothing can beat the classic style and versatility of a quality white t-shirt.


Embroidery designs

The unique outline design is made from one continuous line which is stitched using a single line of thread. Embroidery used in this Dachshund gift is a durable design technique. It uses thread to embroider the image directly onto the fabric. Compared with printed t-shirts, embroidery will last much longer and provides a unique texture that enhances the item’s look. It doesn’t wear off as silkscreen paint does. It can also be washed just like the garment it’s on.

We offer black thread at the moment but are open to help you out with other colours if you have a specific request. In that case, simply email us at and let us know how we can help.


Chest measurements of Dachshund design

  • Extra Small = 76cm
  • Small = 86cm
  • Medium = 91cm
  • Large = 96cm
  • Extra large = 106cm


Dachshund gift makers Hoop n Loop

Hoop n Loop creates personalised, hand-drawn pet embroidery onto t-shirts, jumpers, tote bags or cushions. Using a photo of your own pet as a design master, all portraits begin life on paper. Last year, they have launched a ready-to-wear category and are selling a range of outline drawings for breeds like pugs, whippets or sausage dogs. Various garment styles and sizes are available on the website, so take a look if you’d like a personalised present or want to give someone a special gift.



The garment ships from London


Extra large, Extra small, Large, Medium, Small


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