Wall climbing step


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Wall climbing step

Cats are natural climbers. Mount these wall climbing steps in addition to our Chill and Deluxe cat shelves or in between existing perches within your home to add vertical wall space.

  • Pine wood covered with fibrous agave sisal provides a durable material to climb on
  • Wall climbing steps appear to be floating
  • Easily add steps for a new vertical cat pathway
  • Connect shelves and other existing perches to provide a satisfying and enriching home
  • 28cm long with a diameter of 10cm
  • Shipped with screws, ready to install

Go on and Make them Roar

Wall climbing step

Offering your cat vertical wall space will help you create an enriching and satisfying home, especially for indoor cats. The handmade sisal posts are crafted from a pine wood base that is covered with natural coloured agave sisal. This allows your cats to climb safely and use the steps for scratching on the way.

With a hidden mount, the wall climbing steps appear to be floating as there are no visible brackets. An elegant solution for any interior design connoisseur.



Each wall climbing steps is ready to mount and is shipped with screws. Mounted to the wall, they are extremely sturdy and can hold weight up to 30kg (66 pounds).

  • Length: 28 cm
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Shelf load: up to 30kg


Vertical pathways for your cat

Our domesticated cats are natural climbers. Their wildcat ancestors spent a significant portion of their life perched above ground giving them a camouflaged hideout from which to hunt as well as hide from predators. Think shelves, cabinets, or the top of your refrigerator when imagining new catwalks along your home’s walls.

Watch Molly the cat show off her climbing skills in this video.

Delivery: The wall climbing steps ship from Poland via courier


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