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Wall-mounted cat shelves

Cats are natural climbers and vertical space provides them with the opportunity to spend time on their own up in a secure space. And we are sure, that these wall-mounted cat shelves will soon become their new favourite space.

  • Choose from three cushion materials in eight colours
  • Choose from three wood types: maple, walnut, wenge
  • Comfortable, removable and washable 3cm thick cat cushion which is clipped onto the shelf
  • Holds 1-2 adult cats or kittens (max 20kg)
  • Comes with two universal pins and brackets
  • Mounting brackets are at approx 41cm so they can be installed into wall studs for maximum strength

Go on and Make them Roar

Wall-mounted cat shelves

Cat shelves turn your home into a natural habitat for your cat. Our domesticated cats are natural climbers. Their wildcat ancestors spent a significant portion of their life perched above ground, giving them a camouflaged hideout from which to hunt as well as hide from predators. Cats are solitary beings and a recent study has shown that elevated spaces are particularly beneficial in multi-cat households. Cats who were presented with a high up vantage point showed fewer unfriendly behaviours.

In comparison to dogs, cats have not undergone major changes during the domestication process, as the form and behaviour of the domestic cat are not radically different from those of wildcats. Therefore, dwelling on high vantage points, are your cats’ natural instincts stemming from their tree-climbing ancestors. Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skillfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing to lie in wait for prey.

Nowadays, cats who live indoors are safer than their outside relatives, but they can still feel the need to escape to a safe spot. Especially when other humans or pets are seen as a danger or nuisance. Specifically anxious cats will benefit from cat shelves as a safe retreat.

Another benefit of cat shelves is the temperature. Because heat rises, the high up shelf can be warmer than lower to the ground and ideal for cats to stretch out and lounge on it. Also, by not requiring valuable floor space, the wall-mounted wave wall shelf is a suitable addition to smaller homes and flats.

Upholstery cover

The cat pad is detachable and washable. It is attached to the shelf by press studs so it will not slide off if the cat jumps on it. This wall-mounted floating shelf comes with three different cushion fabric options:

  • Soft (cappuccino, white, grey, white)
  • Smooth (light brown, dark grey)
  • Elegant (Rose grey, green, red)

The fabric is 100% Polyester.


Wood options

  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Wenge


Wall-mounted cat shelf Tweed Chill measurements (Click here for a mounting instruction video)

  • Depth – 16 inches (41 cm)
  • Length – 35 inches (50 cm)
  • Cushion thickness – 1.2 inches (3 cm)
  • Weight (with brackets) – 9.7 Ib ( 4,5 kg)
  • Max load – 44 Ib (20 kg)
  • Can hold 1-2 small adult cats or kittens
  • Set comes with a cushion and mounted brackets plus two frame fixings

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