Waxed brown leather dog collar Stanley Park

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Waxed brown leather dog collar Stanley Park

This waxed brown leather dog collar will develop a natural and interesting patina with age. It is hand crafted from soft leather that comes with an intensive brown hue. The wider back of the collar makes it especially suitable for dogs with longer necks like sighthounds. It is also a more comfortable alternative if your dog tends to pull on the lead.

The hardware is made from silver metal which stands off nicely from the collar and gives it a elegant, classic look.

Go on and Make them Roar

Waxed brown leather dog collar Stanley Park

With a wider back, the gorgeous Stanley Park collar will be suitable for whippets and sighthounds and for all breeds with long necks. For any dog who pulls heavily on the lead, the collars are also a little more comfortable due to their wider back.

The waxed fine calf leather will develop a gorgeous patina over time. The precious metal hardware works nicely with the waxed leather.


How to clean your pets’ leather items

You can easily clean leather collars. To wipe off dirt, please use a soft cloth or microfibre cloth. Because of its soft texture, it is ideal to dust the surface. After dusting, take a damp cloth and wipe it across moisturising soap and lather the leather. To finish the collars, please don’t rinse the leather but buff it for a nice shine.


How to measure your dog’s neck

Wrap a soft tape measure or a piece of string around your dog’s neck and allow room to fit 1-2 fingers between the tape and the skin easily. While the collar should not be able to slip over the head, please ensure that your dog has plenty of room for comfortable movement.

Jot down the measurement, which will be an indication to which size you will require to purchase. Alternatively, use your old collar if it fits well, and take the measurement from there. When manually adjusting your dog collar ensure that it is neither too lose nor too tight allowing up to 2 fingers space.

Delivery: The Coco collar is shipped by Cloud 7 from Germany



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