Whisker friendly cat bowl | stainless steel water bowl

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Whisker friendly water bowl Dr Catsby

This whisker friendly water bowl is ideal for cats with sensitive whiskers.

  • A wide and shallow dish, 18cm in diameter with a slim height of 3.2cm
  • Click to see the matching food bowl here
  • Offers easy access to food while preventing uncomfortable contact when whiskers touch the side of the water bowl
  • Bowl sits on a non-slip base for stability
  • Clean, simple design that is easy to wash and will fit in a variety of decors
  • A stainless steel finish protects against wash-proof bacteria

Go on and Make them Roar

Whisker friendly water bowl Dr Catsby

This whisker friendly water bowl Dr Catsby is ideal for cats with sensitive whiskers. It allows your cat easy access to their water without touching or stressing their sensitive whiskers with the sides of the bowl.

Many cats are finicky eaters. Yet, a relatively new diagnosis called ‘whisker-fatique’ could be the reason why your cat leaves food in the bowl or tries to paw it out. Or indeed, why they are even more reluctant to drink than they would normally be.

As for some cats, it can be very uncomfortable when their sensitive whiskers touch the sides of their dish. Cats’ whiskers are extraordinary sensitive hairs that provide your cat with detailed sensory feedback about their environment. Whiskers give your cat information regarding their positioning in space, help your cat navigate a dark room and hunt fast-moving prey by sensing changes in air currents.

And they’ll help them determine if they can really squeeze into that ridiculously small gap behind the sofa.

Here are some signs of ‘whisker fatigue’ that you can look out for:

  • Your cat is leaving food in the bowl, while they still seem to be hungry
  • Pulling food out of their bowl using their mouth or paw to then eat off the floor
  • Your cat seems to be only eating food from the centre of the bowl
  • Acting aggressively towards other animals in the house during mealtime
  • Your cat might be standing by the bowl before eating for a prolonged period of time, pacing around the bowl, or being hesitant to eat, though they seem to be hungry

The above signs might also signal something more severe, so if you have any doubt then please consult your vet immediately.



This water bowl can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and sits sturdy on its slip-proof base. Read an article about whisker-fatique in the New York times here.


This item ships from the UK.

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Dimensions19 × 20 × 4 cm


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