Wool felt cat toy Stacks

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Wool felt cat toy Stacks

We love to play with our cats and engage them in some indoor hunting. They love hunting this natural cat toy as it zips across our floors in unexpected ways

  • Handmade from 100% Merino wool felt
  • Odd shaped pieces make it an irresistable and fun toy
  • Approx. 5cm x 6.5cm large
  • Items are packed and shipped at random, but please do let us know if you would like a particular colour.

Delivery: This item is shipped from the UK. International customers order at risk due to varying customs regulations; customs might destroy the item or delay its arrival due to the dried plant matter (catnip). This toy cannot ship to Australia or New Zealand

Wool felt cat toy Stacks

The Wool felt cat toy Stacks is made for the feline hunter. They are beautifully bouncy toys that surprise your cat with every move: these colourful, springy Stacks are made from odd shaped pieces of felt to give the toys their ultimate bounciness.

Cut from thick 100% Merino wool felt and coloured in bright, non-toxic colours, the Stacks are the perfect size and shape for zipping across your floors. Various felt discs are stacked together to make a single toy.

Merino wool felt is an eco-friendly, all natural, renewable material. Its soft surface appeals to cats, especially those who like to sink their claws into their toys. So while your cat loves the texture, you’ll be enjoying the bright colours and shapes. Stacks come in a set of four that come in their own round storage tin. This makes a perfect a present for a cat lover too.

Bonding with your cat

Every cat has a different character so it’s no surprise that they fancy their playtime a little different from each other. Some love to pounce, jump and run, while others actually chase and fetch their toys. Find out what your cat prefers and enjoy the games!



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