Reuse your wrapping for a game with your cat | DIY pet play

Reuse your wrapping for a game with your cat | DIY pet play

Chances are you will be left with a pile of wrapping at the end of Christmas. Naturally we’d love if you can reuse or recycle most, but hold on to items like ribbons, tissue paper and cardboard boxes, even if they’re a bit torn, as they can help you create some cute cat games.

Playing games will inspire your cat to interact with you and the rest of the family. She might not enjoy all of these, but it’s worth giving it a try and see what she goes for.

Roll the tissue paper into loose balls and fill up a large paper bag. Add a few of your cats’ favourite (and preferably rather smelly) treats and let her spend the afternoon rummaging through the bag.

Use paper or plastic cups and a dry treat to play the shell game. Also known as ‘thimblerig’ the game involves three (or more) cups that are placed face-down over a small item. All containers are then shuffled in plain view for the spectating hunter to guess where the item might be. But please don’t think you’ll ever outsmart your cat…watch Kido how it’s done.

There are dozens of ways to use a cardboard box. Cut holes into it and let kitty explore the inside. See what happens, when you drop a walnut or two in the box or use some ribbon to entice her to grab it. Use very big boxes to hide behind for a session of hide & seek.


Wrapping paper makes a wonderful arena for pounce games. Rustle an object underneath, but don’t use your fingers, those claws are made for hunting…


If she’s up for covering some ground, use rope, ribbons or even tinsel to tease her into a game of chase. Careful now with that Christmas tree though…

Cats hunt in short bursts so try to ration your play and allow them to catch and grab their prey at the end of each game.


Enjoy the Holidays and Make Them Roar


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