This cat shelf is a stairway to heaven – meet the Cat Library

This cat shelf is a stairway to heaven – meet the Cat Library

Dogs drool, cats rule. Or so they say. However, sometimes, when I see something really clever, something witty and well thought-through, which is simple and which is new, I can sympathise with the canine avalanche of slobber.

And in this particular instance, I know I am not alone. Over 200.000 people have watched the video of Corentin Dombrecht’s Cat Library on Youtube. And judging by the comments, some of them may have gotten close to drooling.

This cat shelf is a stairway to heaven - meet the Cat Library

For everybody living in urban, moderately sized houses, the Cat Library could well be the solution to a problem, they may not know they’ve had! Offering height and safe perches in addition to storing your beloved books, magazines and other hotchpotch, could just be the winning combination. You get the space and your cat gets to live out his natural instincts; as in the wild, he’d be most likely sleeping up in a tree.

Build from nine squares and conveniently sized to house a substantial record collection, the 100% cat-friendly bookshelf, quite literally, offers your feline a stairway to heaven. A non-slippery one even, as the shelves remain unvarnished and won’t be oiled. The modular Cat Library is made from birch wood and features a ‘crow’s nest’ or two on the top shelve; perfect for some airy snoozing.

Get in touch

If you’d like to be a proud owner of the Cat Library yourself, get in touch with Corentin and let him know you’re keen. Currently in pre-production, the Cat Library can be purchased in Spring 2012.

And while the Cat Library is firmly on its way, Corentin has been working on a follow-up project called “The Babylon Cat Tower”, a cat climber that I am extremely curious to see as Corentin has described it as a blend between Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright. Really can’t wait.

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  • how do i get my hands on this cat library? I dont now how to reach Corentin Dombrecht…

    Ben Row

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