Stunning snaps of Siberian Forest Cats in the snow

Stunning snaps of Siberian Forest Cats in the snow

Siberian Forest Cats in the snow

Alla Lebedeva lives on a farm in Prigorodny, outside of Barnaul in Western Siberia  with her . She loves taking pictures of her working farm cats she raises with her husband Sergey.

So much so, that the Internet noticed when people started sharing her striking photos. Although often mistaken for Norwegian forest cats, Alla’s semi-longhair troops are an ancient, natural Siberian breed as well the national cat of Russia.

Alla and her husband Sergey have been raising these magnificent working cats for over a decade, who protect the farm’s chickens and rabbits by keeping rats and mice under control.

All cats are descendants from their first pet Babushka, who gave birth to 5 ginger kittens in 2004. Speaking to DesignYouTrust, Alla jokes to be living in cat land and isn’t quite sure how many there currently are…cautiously guessing ’a million, maybe more…’.

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