This is how a Best In Class cat tree looks like | Design cat furniture

Furniture designer Yoh Komiyama has created a stunning centrepiece for any cat-lovers’ home. Created for Japanese lifestyle pet brand Rinn, the NEKO Cat Tree’s organic form unites materials like Japanese hardwood, Greek marble, Danish felt and steel into a stunning structure.

The round, undulating wooden panels allow for mutual glimpses inside and out and “maintain a furtive connection between humans and pets for a greater intimacy” explains the company.

Inside, the floor-to-ceiling tree offers three felt-covered tiers so cats can freely climb the interior to their preferred levels. A subtly placed door allows access to the inside. A marble base allows for a cooling afternoon nap while the central pillar is wrapped in hemp cord for unlimited scratching.


Rinn’s collection also includes the elegant, automatic cat feeder Petley and the company publishes Mill, a magazine that features interior, art and culture shared with felines.

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