Whippet clothing every sighthound has his eyes set on

Whippet clothing every sighthound has his eyes set on

Nadja’s timing to create whippet clothing couldn’t be more on point. As snow and ice are slowly grounding London to a halt, she has launched her new brand Occam. Occam designs tailored, stylish and warm outerwear for sighthounds.

As a Londoner you’re highly likely to spend the next few days stuck in traffic or waiting for a train. Therefore you’ve got plenty of time to check out Occam’s first two designs that are tailor-made for the tender bodies of sighthounds. And there are many more to come.


Occam’s launch range of bespoke whippet clothing

The Beuys (above) is a gorgeous full length jumper made from 100% boiled wool. It is much warmer than man-made fabrics and offers a dreamy degree of softness. Also, the Duchamp (below), a water and wind resistant, breathable, insulating jacket is made from lightweight Softshell. This is a bonded fabric that is made with three layers to better its resistance to water.

Nadja has a background in fashion and draws inspiration from whippet Seymour. Her designs are handmade in her South-East London studio. She works works with responsibly sourced materials to design her dog wear range.

Both designs are currently available in one colour and a whopping 8 sizes. Measurements are taken on 4 points around the neck, chest waist and along the back. This helps to accommodate breeds sized from Italian Greyhounds to Whippets. The plan is to make outfits for larger breeds soon.

My dog’s not going anywhere in the cold. But then maybe Occam’s jackets will entice your sighthound to venture into the white – whilst keeping cosy and looking fab.

Take a look at our dog wear range in our dog shop by clicking here.


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